Sunday, May 23, 2010

with rasberries and whipped cream

and some moments in Viljandi:

this weekend was just so nice and perfect! little bit landlife, amazing cafe with yummy cakes, sunshine and hanging around with my bf in Pärnu and Viljandi... life seems perfect and easy again :)
we visited amazing cafe Supelsaksad (something like Fancy Swimmers in english) in Pärnu. it is designed by one of my favorited Estonian (book, poster and set) designer and photographer Ruth Huimerind and by her daughter Anna. i was so amazed!!! the details and photos and furniture and cakes and all...i wanted to move in immediately! :) you can cast a glance to Ruth´s fantastic world here.
i was wearing selfmade dress with flowers, some leggins, shoes by Vagabond, secondhand leather jacket and bag from Mango.

Monday, May 17, 2010

ghetto girl

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yesterday my bf and i had fun on abandoned Raadi airfield. environment there looks quite sad, but spring was in the air and we were happy anyway.
i think you dont have to look lovely and feminine all the time. sometimes you just want to wear those little bit ugly but cool jeans (btw with heels they look more fab!). red lipstick and glamourous touch in your hairdo can do the trick and save you look too ghetto.
i am also wearing selfmade hoodie with lace detail and Piero Fornasetti print.
hoodie: selfmade, pink top: Lindex, jeans: Monton, belt: Diesel, shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

just published

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my little collection was just published in magazine KÄSITÖÖ here in Estonia and in Finland as well. under name AESTIVAL ETUDES you can find five items to sew for yourself, with all patterns and tutorials. so if you make something using my patterns, let me know :)
i really like to see the result!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


i adore Liselotte Watkins illustrations and set designs! so i collect almost every colorful piece i can find from her works. and on the top of my wishing list is the sold out book Heroine...
as you can see i have my own Liselotteworld at home - some magazine clippings under glass and fabulous pillowcovers from H&M Home collection last year. i am wearing selfmade top with Liselotte´s drawing. on the background you can also see my white sporty-chic jacket with stiched pictures on hems i made some time ago. post from it you can see here.
top, leggins: selfmade, heels: Zara