Monday, October 19, 2009

goodiebear hunting

i'm going hunting
i'm the hunter
i'll bring back the goods
but i don't know when

dress: zara; suede coat: reserved; tights: topshop; boots: bullboxer; fur cap: present from mr. A
photos: mr. A

Sunday, October 18, 2009

golden fall
fall is a royal season with all those golden colors. i found a luxurious fabric last year and turned it into coat. purple is perfect match for gold and so is black. any objections?
i love fall, especially when there is a little sun. but when it rains, everything turns sad...
no more golden colors and royal feeling. then i just want to be near my big stove and have a good cup of tea. just like crown family members probably do at rainy days...
coat: selfmade, random pashmina and suede gloves, belt: reserved, bag: miss sixty

Friday, October 2, 2009

royal puppies

who does not love puppies? those cutesy little dogs can be with you all winter. bordered with snowballs and grosgrain ribbon bow with little black pearls make those gloves really royal. catch them at Moeturg! you have to find seller PITS at Viru Center coming weekend. then ask Triin to show my creations :)

stories to tell

jacket made for Moeturg. all my things must be beautiful from outside and inside. this featherlight and warm jacket has a girl named Julia with her stories to tell to the new owner. you can find her inside the jacket. if you can resist to admire all those filigrane vintage buttons and gathered sleeves...


just a few things i made for sale. Moeturg is taking place this weekend. see information from previous posts.
here is a comfy hoodie lined with bright yellow silk. in front there is a fancy lady who is dreaming of shoes. especially from red ones with bows ;) aren´t they adorable?