Sunday, October 18, 2009

golden fall
fall is a royal season with all those golden colors. i found a luxurious fabric last year and turned it into coat. purple is perfect match for gold and so is black. any objections?
i love fall, especially when there is a little sun. but when it rains, everything turns sad...
no more golden colors and royal feeling. then i just want to be near my big stove and have a good cup of tea. just like crown family members probably do at rainy days...
coat: selfmade, random pashmina and suede gloves, belt: reserved, bag: miss sixty


  1. Oh my lord, of course no objections! That is an amazing coat & the gold & purple compliment each other nicely for fall.

    Just stumbled accross your blog, I'm a fan of your classic style.

  2. Love your look!!That coat is gorgeous!!

  3. Gold plus purple is just royalty! Love the coat!


  4. fabulous jacket!!!!!!!!!!!
    i want it!!!!!
    so luxe!!!