Wednesday, February 11, 2009

touch of coral
i was visiting copenhagen fashion fair last week. i saw lots of black in the streets, but one colour was sneaking around there too - it was coral. was it just expectation for the spring or first steps of s/s season trendcolour? anyway i got this coral top from Topshop and matched it with selfmade feather headpiece, zara wooden wedges and miss sixty bag. copenhagen oli värskendav, täis kevadlilli ja vaimustavaid moeüritusi. oleks vaid aega rohkem olnud!


  1. I love the accent of pink and coral in this photo. I always loved feather headbands...I cant pull it off but looks lovely on you.

    p.s.- can you open your comment box to bloggers not affiliated with a specific domain? My google account is old. p.s.-I've added you to my blogger friends list.

  2. lovely headpiece, great blog!
    xoxo from las vegas