Friday, November 5, 2010

my pretty doll

some days ago the new issue of KÄSITÖÖ magazine was published. this time I had several items there and here are two of them. thinking about upcoming party season I made a skirt with chiffon frills and matching blouse with superwide sleeves. just add a bow made of silk ribbon and some shiny Mary Jane´s!
probably, no need to say, you can find patterns and tutorials in the magazine and make your own version from this outfit.
Mary Jane´s: Zara, model: Grete, photos: Ago Pelisaar


  1. ka kingad on siin superluksid ! Kas oskad öelda, kust selliseid leiab ja mis firma ?

  2. nagu ka ülevalpool kirjas : kingad ehk siis Mary Jane´id on Zarast :)