Monday, January 24, 2011

next station: summer

this was one of the best weekends with my bf last summer... I miss summer and sun and traveling around and fresh blueberries and... and... I wish I could take the next train to the summer right now...
Blouse, jeans, headscarf: Lindex, clogs: Zara, watch: gift from my bf, bracelet: h&m


  1. Käisin just täna Haapsalus ja võiks tõesti juba suvi (või vähemalt kevad) tulla, sest seal on sellise ilmaga kurb ja mahajäetud õhustik :(

    Ilusad pildid! :)

  2. Hehe great photos! A constant train to summer, wouldn't that be nice...I'm in summer now but I must say it don't feel like it...a very wet summer in Aussie.

  3. Beautiful pictures!! I really love your scarf! Sounds like you had an amazing weekend!xoxoxoo